About Us

Lavender Outsourcing

We are committed to empowering your business by providing unbeatable “people solutions” across the world.
Lavender’s end-to-end people solutions include contract staffing, permanent recruitment, temp hiring, cloud-based payroll management, technology backed personnel monitoring, and PRO services.

Build an inspiring, innovative and global company that delivers high-quality people solutions that deliver unparalleled service to its customers. To do this by providing the learning, growth and advancement environment for its employees.

A premier leader in business process outsourcing. At Lavender, our mission is to consistently help our clients grow and be successful while providing superior leadership and customer service.

Award-winning contact center for sales and support. Our experience spans multiple industries, committing to growing client business through diligence and adaptability.

Becoming a key part of our clients’ ability to flourish is integral to our definition of success. Whether its customer service, operational efficiency, back office work or sales, our innovative team tackles each new challenge with creativity and insight.

Core Values

We don't stop at anything to solve the problems of our clients. We treat clients of our clients as if they were our own. We treat the members of our clients' team as if they were our own. Our clients succeed and fail – and we choose to succeed!

Anything is possible if team members are committed to hard work and learning and Lavender is committed to providing coaching, motivation and resources. We lean against each other. We help each other to succeed at work, to remain healthy, and to live fulfilled personal lives.

All people, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity, are capable of remarkable things. We do not discriminate. We actively seek to identify diverse team members and support their development.

We set targets, plan, and then execute. We communicate very clearly. We strike a balance between analytics and emotion. We’re welcome to give feedback.

We’re telling the truth and never lying. Confidential information can be trusted. We’re doing what's right and just. If we commit to something, we’re going to follow through.

Each morning we get up and commit to being better than yesterday. We critically study our processes and create better, smarter solutions.