Global Talent

Global Talent Outsourcing

Lavender is committed to providing you with the best talent from anywhere in the world. We ensure that we provide you with the best talent from any part of the world, quickly and efficiently, by recruiting them directly from the country you want. We provide end-to - end solutions – right from sourcing, selection, on-boarding, and end-to - end employee management.

We ensure that your success begins today, while you can

  • Optimize costs and resources
  • Save yourself the trouble of recruitment & training
  • Focus on your core competencies

Lavender staffing solutions

Contract Staffing

Lavender Contract Staffing is an agile, compliant, and SLA-based recruitment service that lets you hire contractual staff, who will be deployed on Lavender visa. For these professionals hired on contract, Lavender HR managers, payroll and other administrative tasks. Our staffing services are backed by a dedicated, 24x7 helpline for contracted staff, which enables prompt resolution of queries from the contracted staff.


Allied Contract Staffing Services


Hiring contract staff goes beyond just providing the right candidate, ensuring selection and finalizing the offer. For the contracted staff, it can get challenging to understand how they will interact with Lavender and with their contractual employer. These challenges can get further overwhelming, especially if the contracted staff is new to the country of his workplace. Lavender aims to ease this transition phase and provide a smooth start to the contracted employee through our onboarding process.

Save your time while Lavender handles staff onboarding

The Lavender onboarding process is designed to ensure minimal involvement of your time. At Lavender, we manage all processing formalities and administrative tasks, as detailed below:

  • Maintain constant communication with selected staff in their home country.
  • Update via SMS & ERP alerts on key milestones.
  • Provide the necessary guidance and clarification to help selected staff settle in their country of work.
  • Address queries and communicate with the family members of the staff selected, if necessary.
  • Facilitate collection of documents.
  • Arrange airport pick-up and initial hotel-stay at the country of work of the staff, upon request.
  • Attend the opening of a bank account.
  • Support in finding appropriate accommodation.
  • Conduct local customs, lifestyle and culture orientation and induction.
  • Briefing staff on our policies , rules and regulations.
  • Provide a dedicated 24x7 helpdesk to resolve your queries / grievances.

Transfer & Migration

Whether you plan to transfer your permanent employees or migrate your contracted staff from another agency, you can rely on Lavender Transfer Solution. Lavender Transfer Solution is specially designed to support you in overcoming various challenges:

  • Limitation of headcount.
  • Additional administrative tasks, if you hire permanent staff.
  • The service levels of your incumbent staff agency.
  • Lack of transparent cost structure with the current staff firm.
  • Lack of control due to multiple staffing agencies in the record.
  • Dissatisfaction of contract staff with their existing company.

Benefits to Contracted Staff on Transfer to Lavender

We understand that you take care of your contract staff and would be keen to provide your contract staff with the same experience as your permanent contract staff. When your staff is hired by Lavender, be assured that they will be taken care by

  • Dedicated 24x7 helpdesk to resolve their queries / grievances
  • Periodic reviews of performance
  • Incentive recommendations
  • On-time salary payment

End-to-end Employee Management

Lavender business model includes end-to-end talent management; we go beyond the usual recruitment / onboarding to manage employee performance, ensure that the employee is cared for and engaged with the organization.

Contract and Permanent Employee Support

Whether an employee has joined Lavender on contract or for a permanent role, Lavender provides periodic orientation on Lavender values of Respect, Reliability, Agility, Collaboration, Innovation and Quality. In addition, Lavender offers the following support to ease daily interactions:

  • Dedicated 24*7 ISO certified employee care team that can be reached out
  • Access to Employee Self-Service (ESS) tool for efficient processing of day-to-day operational activities

Employee Communication & Employee Engagement

Lavender ensures that it offers adequate communication and engagement platforms to its employees. Some of these opportunities are listed below:

  • CEO open-door policy, quarterly town-hall, etc
  • Biannual Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Quarterly Lavender newsletters to keep employees updated with happenings at Lavender
  • Lavender CSR activities organized once every quarter
  • On-site health check-up
  • Annual event / family day

Employee Life-cycle Management

At Lavender, we undertake several activities to manage the employee’s life-cycle, including:

  • Compliance management:
    MOHRE approval, VISA change, contract completion, residence stamping, security clearance, document maintenance, etc.
  • Performance management:
    Performance reviews, analysis based skill enhancement, career-path development, recognitions, etc.
  • Payroll management:
    Track attendance, adherence to WPS, timely salary payments, etc.
  • Retention management:
    Spot early indicators of disengagement, strategize to control attrition, compensation benchmarking, etc.
  • Termination management:
    Issue warning letters, termination letters, etc. in accordance with the MOHRE law
  • Separation management:
    Provide end-of-service benefits, monitor absence and overtime, etc.

On-Demand Staffing

We provide on-demand labor supply solutions for your urgent, ad hoc and short-term staffing needs. Whether your employee has decided to go on a planned break or it’s an unplanned emergency, Lavender can support you with suitable candidates within as little as half-a-day.

Benefits of working with Lavender

We provide a seamless, efficient and comprehensive solution for all your staff needs. Our service eliminates the need for you to interview candidates, conduct background checks, and fulfill the necessary paperwork. We’ve taken care of all that so you can immediately have the people you need, right when you need it the most.

Temporary Staffing Staff Roles

  • Customer service representative
  • Data-entry operator
  • Document controller
  • Administrative assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Promoter

Permanent Recruitment

Lavender Permanent Recruitment is one of the fastest growing recruitment firms providing unrivaled human resource and talent management solutions to meet local and overseas recruitment needs. It is a flexible recruitment service that can be used on a retained and non-retained basis. Each recruiter in the Lavender Permanent Recruitment team has over a decade’s hiring experience within their industry. Thanks to extensive industry experience, our recruiters are adept at finding the right candidate for your organization, who not only have the right skill-set but also a great culture-fit and attitude.

Avail any of the below services:

  • Contingent recruitment: 1 to 4 hires
  • Multiple hiring and recruitment: 5 or more hires
  • Overseas volume hiring
  • On-site recruitment process outsourcing

Specialist permanent recruitment solutions

1. Recruit the right C-level executive

Lavender Executive Search combines in-depth industry experience and technical expertise to source competent personnel for your organization. Our capabilities include sourcing the right candidate from anywhere in the world to be deployed in any country.

Lavender Executive Search is committed to providing high caliber functional heads, C-level executives, and business leaders while delivering unparalleled flexibility and value.

Lavender Executive Recruitment Expertise:

  • Market Mapping
    We begin by identifying the related businesses, whose people can potentially add value to your team. We carefully work through this list to find relevant candidates who may be a good fit for the available job role.
  • Salary Surveys
    As staffing and recruitment leaders, we are well-versed with the salary trends in the market across roles. Through periodic surveys and other informal channels, we ensure that our team is well-versed with the ongoing market practice.
  • Overseas Recruitment
    Lavender Executive Search team has the know-how to search suitable candidates anywhere within the world. Moreover, our executive recruitment company has qualified specialists and teams to organize overseas hiring campaigns.

2. Executive Headhunters

Our talent sourcing flair, along with a unique insight into the candidates' panache, helped secure our place among the top headhunter companies. Our Executive Headhunters help you drive your business forward by providing the highest level of business leaders, functional heads, and C-level professionals. A focused approach to headhunting and a network of contacts established, combined with our in-depth industry experience, ensures that we suggest the best possible candidate for the role.

Benefits of Headhunting through Lavender

  • Specialist Recruiters
    Access to domain specialist recruiters with proven experience in C-level requirements.
  • Global Sourcing
    Our global networking capability helps us to quickly identify the most respected, reputable and high-quality individuals.
  • Personalized Support
    Dedicated Account Manager assigned to work with you.
  • Recruitment Quality Measured
    Measure recruitment performance through selection ratio, fill ratio and drop ratio.
  • Employer Value Proposition
    We are the shortlist & source of those candidates who can represent the true value and culture of your organization. individuals.
  • Assessment
    Evaluation of potential candidates through competency-based interviews, e-tray exercises, case studies and psychometric testing.

3. National Recruitment

Lavender Nationalization Desk has been set up for Emiratisation recruitment services and GCC Nationals’ recruitment.

Benefits of Nationals’ Recruitment through Lavender

  • Specialist account manager, well-versed in the management of Emiratisation / Nationalization placements
  • Proven expertise in hiring both high volume and niche positions.
  • 2 levels of screening done by Lavender to save your time.